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The DAK9 Canine First Aid Kit (CFAK) was developed by Special Operations Veterinary personnel and handlers. We as handlers have had K9’s injured on the battlefield and know the importance of carrying a first aid kit. We have firsthand experience treating our injured partners in combat.

The contents of the kit were carefully chosen to treat trauma injuries sustained on the battlefield to get the K9 to the next level of care. Years of combat and having multiple K9’s injured allowed us to determine the best lifesaving contents to put in the kit. We wanted to develop a kit that has the essentials to stabilize the K9 at the point of injury without the handler having to carry excess items. This kit can also be used to treat the handler if he becomes injured.

We found that most handlers don’t carry any type of first aid kit for themselves or their K9 partner on their person. First aid kits are typically carried in their trunks. Our experience with multiple K9’s being injured in the War on Terror has taught us that if you can treat the K9 quickly and stabilize it’s injuries, the likelihood of survival is greatly increased and most of the time the K9 will be able to return to duty. Having a kit in the trunk of the officers vehicle doesn’t allow the handler to treat the K9 at the point of injury which means the K9 will most likely not survive any sort of trauma related injury.

The kit includes:
1 ea First Aid Pouch
2 ea “S” rolled gauze
1 ea Hemcon Chitogauze XR Pro Dressing
1 ea 4” Ace Wrap
1 ea SAM Chest Seal
1 ea 14ga Needle
1 ea Digital Thermometer

These contents can control bleeding, treat any type of compromise to the chest effecting the K9’s breathing and routinely monitor the K9’s temperature to insure it doesn’t sustain a heat injury.



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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in

Black, Coyote, Ranger Green, Multicam®.


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